Strategic Planning and Leadership

Clear Resolution helps its clients leverage strategies based on commercial best practices enabling clients to meet their mission and goals and to ultimately satisfy broad sets of customers. We provide clients frameworks, planning and decision-making processes—proven in the public and private sectors—that help them make timely and strong strategic choices, especially in a resource-constrained environment.

Clear Resolution does more than just create the foundational documents that help implement and codify strategies — we are also expert at eliciting through provocative questions and unique facilitation well-grounded decisions and long-term resource allocation strategies.

Strategic Marketing Management

Increasingly, Clear Resolution’s customers operate in a dynamic marketplace with competition, consumers, technology, and market forces redefining the landscape daily.

For Clear Resolution’s clients, staying competitive means continuously adjusting and adapting customer approaches to meet changing needs and expectations. Clear Resolution works with clients to manage this change by coordinating and conducting:

  • customer and competitor analysis
  • business strategy integration
  • value delivery
  • channel design
  • pricing
  • relationship management
  • brand management
  • sales and marketing communication


Governance relates to consistent management, cohesive policies, processes and decision-rights for a given area of responsibility. Clear Resolution has vast experience in developing and refining organizational governance to ensure proper prioritization and more efficient use of leadership resources. Clear Resolution’s most recent deliverable included the development and implementation of an end-to-end governance process for an organization’s Senior Leadership Team consisting of a governance charter, meeting rules and guidelines, documentation support for meetings and follow-up procedures.

To Clear Resolution’s experience in Governance helps clients attain all of their organizational and leadership management needs. The firm serves civilian and defense clients, including the U.S. Department of Defense and the national security community.

Computer Network Operations (CNO) Support

Clear Resolution’s Cyber professionals demonstrate current operational knowledge of how Department of Defense and other CNO partners create a common view of data to enable operators and analysts to gather, analyze, display, evaluate, and disseminate all-source CNO information to support specific missions.

Additionally, our Cyber professionals bring strong knowledge of tools and databases used for specific customer missions. Clear Resolution’s Cyber Operators are considered Subject Matter Experts in conducting planning activities, exercise support, computer network operations (CNO), strategic planning, performance management or process development and preparing associated documentation.